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Social News – The Top Five Sites for 2018

You have news to share and feel that it warrants to be posted online to be read by millions of Internet users on a global scale. What do you do? You can post it to any social news website that feature stories submitted by Internet users.

Here are the top five sites that are considered currently as terrific platforms for social news postings, whether you are posting a serious topic or something quirky to put a smile on the readership’s face. Fair warning that these are just a tip of the iceberg.

I’m pretty sure that you have your own choice when it comes to social news websites.










A website that collects stories on a global scale. It aims to provide you with the latest and most interesting stories that targets audiences interested in viral Internet issues, science, and even trending political issues. Its ease of use makes it the current number one social news website.







A website that offers the newest and most popular news on the Internet. It has several categories that are divided into several “subreddits” which focuses on a specific subject matter for interested users. Each subreddit community has its own webpage, users, and moderators.






Do you have a question that you want answered? Quora might just be the platform you are looking for. Basically, Quora is a question and answer website aiming to impart knowledge on a global scale. Responses are edited and organized by its user community.







If you’re looking to post weird and funny but remarkable news of the day then Fark is the way to go. As an aggregator of social news, the editors carefully choose among the thousands of daily submissions they receive from their readership.

Product Hunt





A website that offers the product enthusiasts the latest and coolest services and products with focus on hardware projects, mobile applications, technology creations, and mobile apps.

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Six Tips to Spot Fake News

Want to read the latest news? Go online to see what’s happening. Beware that not all online information is 100% true.

I’d love to help you weed out the truth from the fake by providing you with six tips on how to spot fake news.

Check the News Source

Take the time to read the about us and contact pages of the source. You can also open up a new tab to see if there are available feedback from readers.

Investigate the Author

Open a new tab on your browser to check on the author who wrote the “news”. Search results would reveal the real identity of the person plus it gives information on his or her credibility.

Read Some More

More often than not, headlines can be misleading. Remember that headlines are stated in a way to grab the reader’s attention. Take the time to read further into the article to get the complete picture of the story that is being told.

Too Good to be True

If you’ll notice, stories that seem to good to be true are the ones that get posted and shared on social networking sites often. The author’s intent, in such cases, would be to attract readers to his or her website. After reading the “news”, ask yourself if the information you just read is credible or believable.

Date Check

Is the news fairly recent or is it just a repost of something that happened in the past? One way to check would be to search for the same article, maybe not word per word, but at least the main idea of the story. You’ll be surprised at the results you’ll get if it is a repost.

Very Peculiar Domain

Again, the name of the game is to attract visitors to their website, so they can get sneaky where you least expect it. Check the URL to see if it is a legit website. Some fake news websites tend to use the same URL as that of legit news websites but with a slight difference such as an omission of one or two letters.

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Five Social Networking Sites to Consider for 2018

Humans are social creatures, and this is proven by the number of social networking sites that have cropped up over a number of years. Although Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are leading the game, there are a number of social networking sites that are fast making their mark. Make no mistake, they have been around for several years but are recently becoming popular due to the demand for a different social networking site.

Here are five social networking sites that are becoming popular among internet users.


Launched in June 11, 2011, Google+ is a social networking site owned and managed by Google. The ability to share messages, videos, photos, links, and more has helped increase its popularity. The video call or conferencing support via Hangouts is another plus. Currently has about 300 million users.


Officially released in March 2011, Line is a social networking site owned and managed by Line Corp, a Japanese division of Naver Corporation (a South Korean internet service company). Currently has about 215 million users per month.


A multimedia app for chat messaging with a global reach, Snapchat was released in September 2011. You can take a photo and edit it using the in-app artwork. Another great feature is the special effects and ability to create and personalize an emoji. It currently has about 200 million users.


Unlike other social networking sites, LinkedIn is focused on professional social networking. It was released in May 5, 2003 and is globally used by professionals. It is considered as the perfect platform to locate jobs, hire potential candidates, and connect with other businesses and colleagues. With about 400 million members, it currently has about 100 million users per month.


Launched in October 31, 2006, ReverbNation is a social networking platform that caters to musicians allowing them to initially manage their careers while giving them access to the music industry and potential fan base. It offers information on available opportunities such as, but not limited to, live performances, licensing, record label, and professional services. It has about 3 million users.

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