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The FC Wacker wants to write today with all means finally

FC Wacker has made a firm commitment to erase the zero points in today’s small Westderby at the SCR Altach after two defeats in the opening match. Patrik Eler returns to the squad for the first time.

Innsbruck – Standing compactly, leaving no room for the opponent, playing attacks cleanly and finally scoring points – that’s how FC Wacker’s resolutions in the small Westderby in the Altacher Cashpoint Arena are brought to the point. The black-green working day begins today at 8.30 a.m. with the departure and should end before midnight at the Tivoli with points in the luggage. Because after the two opening defeats at the Austria and against Sturm, the ascender will finally have to “write up” – by all means.

Daxbacher expects a difficult match

Some odds, however, speak clearly against the Tyroleans: 1.85 for Altach victory, 3.10 for draw, 3.30 for Wacker victory. These numbers are to be refuted by the Black Greens with a performance that is as courageous as it is concentrated. After all, coach Karl Daxbacher has the entire squad at his disposal except for Cheikhou Dieng, who is not yet eligible to play. Even “returnee” Patrik Eler is on the match report after a torn muscle fibre has been cured.

The resolution to finally score points is great, as is the respect for Altach. “They claim to play in the upper play-off. We can expect a difficult match against an experienced, well-rehearsed team,” Daxbacher is aware that it is only possible to survive in Altach with the two Tyrolean offensive forces Hannes Aigner and Christian Gebauer with tactical discipline and a compact team performance.

If anyone knows how difficult it is to play against Altach, it’s Martin Harrer. After all, the 26-year-old Styrian played 77 league games for the Vorarlberg team. The Voitsberger has the means against the Weerberger goal scorer Hannes Aigner already ready: “He always plays with full commitment and also has the peace in the penalty area. You have to attack him the way he attacks himself.” Harrer recommended himself with the double pack against Sturm for a start in the starting eleven. “If you’re looking for a place for him, then you’ll find him, too,” Daxbacher smiled, who yesterday didn’t allow himself to be tempted by lineup or tactics.

Cheikhou Dieng Honours 

  • 1. divisjon (1): 2014
SKN St. Pölten
  • Austrian Football First League (1): 2015–16

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Duel between youngest and oldest coach

Before the Westderby, Altach coach Werner Grabherr was of course “tingling” regardless of the table situation: “Derby is Derby. They started with two defeats. That leaves its mark, even if it was against teams like Austria Wien and Sturm Graz,” the 32-year-old hoped for unsettled guests. The fact that there will be a duel between the youngest and oldest coach against Karl Daxbacher (65) played no role for Altach’s neo-coach. “He has a lot of experience, but hopefully we won’t be surprised.”

In general, the focus is on his own performance and the development of the team. With the first three, the next step should be successful. “We have turned many things upside down. They are things that are getting better every week.” Grabherr waited for his opponent after five goals in the first two laps with restraint: “You’ll do it more defensively.” He’ll probably be right about that. Because the zero should stand as long as possible. Then there’s a good chance that the countable points will finally be credited to the Black Greens’ points account. In Queen Bee Bingo players can enjoy more because of its No Wagering Requirements.

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Salzburg’s “bulls” want more after sovereign ascent

“The goal is quite clear, that we will survive the last hurdle,” said striker Reinhold Yabo before the duel with Red Star Belgrade.

Skopje – Red Bull Salzburg has loosely taken the first hurdle on the way to the group stage of the Football Champions League. The “bulls” at Shkendija Tetovo’s gala were not satisfied with the 3:0 in the first leg, but the 1:0 in the yawning empty national stadium of Skopje brought Austria’s series champions the decisive play-off duel with Red Star Belgrade. “We want more,” said coach Marco Rose.

Roses Mannen will have to play away in Serbia’s capital as early as next Tuesday, while Roter Stern won the third qualifying round of the Slovakian champion Trnava 2-1 after extra time. The advantage: Due to racist songs of its fans in the CL-Qualimatch against Marijampole (LIT) at the end of July, Red Star has to play two home matches as a repeat offender in front of empty ranks. The atmosphere will be similarly “good” as in Skopje, where only around 3,500 fans populated the 36,000 oval.

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The desire is really large

One way or another: “The goal is quite clear that we will survive the last hurdle,” said striker Reinhold Yabo. Salzburg has reached the final qualifase for the seventh time in the eleventh CL run-up to the Red Bull era, and finally the big throw should succeed. For midfielder Xaver Schlager, one thing was also clear: “The desire is really big. In any case, it is certain that once again the group phase of the Europa League has been reached – and thus the “minimum goal”, as Yabo emphasized.

He didn’t want to hide the fact that the performance wasn’t a treat either. “What counts in the end is that we have won another game and are further on. The victory is also very important for my self-confidence,” said the German after his sixth success in the sixth seasoned game (goal ratio including a 6:0 victory in the ÖFB Cup 17:1).

Praise for the defence

“They have challenged us very much,” Rose noted. “Much fought and little football played”, was the conclusion of central defender Marin Pongracic. For veteran Andreas Ulmer, the game could have been decided “of course, gladly earlier”. “You can take the lead in the 5th minute, then the game will take a completely different course,” said Yabo, whose input a few minutes after Munas started did not put Dabbur in goal. The Israeli was left without a goal for the first time in his sixth season-long game.

Yabo, who should have appeared as a double assistant after the restart, but was left in the lurch by marksman Hannes Wolf in two huge chances, was satisfied with the defence. “One has seen that we are defensively so stable that we can win such games. That’s very important if we want to get far,” he said. After all, Tetovo were “a strong team”, who tried to make it through the game, but with the exception of a short pressure phase in the second half, were always far from advancing. In the final, Macedonia’s champions even conceded the goal after a missed pass from Joker Takumi Minamino.

Dreaming is what you do in bed

The advancement of Salzburg was in any case deserved and opened – in view of an opponent “on eye level” (Pongracic) – the large chance to finally break the “CL curse”. Schlager tried to keep the focus high in the usual dry way: “Now comes Hartberg”, he pointed out the league home game against the Styrians on Saturday. The much quoted dream of the king class could dissolve only too fast in air: Dreaming does one in the bed. Captain Ulmer, who has already experienced the failure with the “bulls” several times, tried as a precaution to reduce the pressure somewhat: “What was before doesn’t matter. We can take it easy, it’s a bonus when we reach the Champions League.” See here to know more about WonClub Casino.

Yabo, too, pointed out the mental pitfalls of the venture, which would bring in 15.25 million euros in entry fees alone – an impressive sum compared to the 2.92 million in the EL. “We want to maintain a certain relaxed attitude. The past season has already shown what we are capable of,” said the 26-year-old in retrospect to the EL semi-finals. Pongracic’s recent successes are also a trump card: “We have a young team and proved last season that we can play in front of a lot of fans and under pressure. I don’t think it’s going to be a psychological strain.”

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Salzburg defeated Shkendija, Red Star Belgrade now waiting

Salzburg went up with the overall score of 4:0 into the CL play-off. Next opponent: Red Star Belgrade.

Skopje – Red Bull Salzburg has brilliantly overcome the first hurdle on the way to their first participation in the Champions League. In the second leg of the third qualifying round against Shkendija Tetovo, the champion did not miss a beat on Tuesday. Salzburg won 1:0 (0:0) in Skopje after a solid performance. The “bulls” had already travelled to Macedonia with a 3-0 home win.

The substitute Takumi Minamino scored in the 92nd minute after a serious defensive error. Coach Marco Rose’s team entered the final qualifying phase of the Champions League for the seventh time in club history. In the play-off, Red Star Belgrade (2-1 n.V. against Spartak Trnava) is waiting. The Salzburgers will play the first leg next Tuesday away. It is already certain that Salzburg will be in the Europa League group phase if they fail again.

Rose built in the national stadium Filip II. Makedonski, where Shkendija will have to play for a well-rehearsed team due to a home unsuitable for the European Cup. The only team missing from the first leg was Zlatko Junuzovic, who had been suspended, and Amadou Haidara took the place of the former team player. Andreas Ulmer was fit after his calf problems on the weekend.

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Shkendija Tetovo Honours 

Macedonian First League:

  • Winners (2): 2010–11, 2017–18
  • Runners-up (2): 2015–16, 2016–17

Macedonian Football Supercup:

  • Winners (1): 2011  

Macedonian Second League:

  • Winners (3): 1995–96, 1999–2000, 2009–10

Macedonian Football Cup:

  • Winners (2): 2015–16, 2017–18
  • Runners-up (3): 2005–06, 2012–13, 2016–17

“Bulls” remained concentrated

Shkendija started off with a brisk backdrop, but it was Salzburg who took the early lead with Munas Dabbur. The Israeli goalscorer, however, missed the ball a few yards before the goal from his opponent Reinhold Yabo (5th). The bulls’ performance remained concentrated afterwards, they didn’t really have to go to their limits. The fact that they did not only want to administer their projection, made the Salzburger clear nevertheless.

The Macedonians’ game structure was disrupted early on, and the home side were hardly able to play their way dangerously in front of Salzburg’s penalty area. In the 25th minute, after a Ramalho header following a corner, the ball was even in Shkendija’s goal, but the Hungarian referee Tamas Bognar saw a foul from the Brazilian before. Shkendija did not endanger Salzburg-Goalie Cican Stankovic’s goal barrier until the break in some long-range shots.

The first minutes after the restart were turbulent. Once again the Macedonians started, but their early attacks let the defensive work slip away. Xaver Schlager found the starting Yabo, who played unselfishly for Hannes Wolf. He shot over the empty goal (48.). Two minutes later Wolf was free again, but the midfielder was defeated by Shkendija goalkeeper Kostadin Sachow. Chomp Casino is popular because of its impressive selection of Fun Slots and feature packed Casino Games.

Devastating return pass

As a result, there was excitement about penalty area scenes both over and over. Shkendija’s attacker Besart Ibraimi fell in the penalty area after a duel with Marin Pongracic. Bognar did not give a penalty, nor did he after a twitch on Dabbur’s jersey. In contrast to the first half of the match, both sides were now in the middle of the field, with Shkendija causing problems for the Salzburgers, especially through Ibraimi.

However, Stankovic acted safely and for the fourth time did not let himself be defeated in his fifth season. The fact that Salzburg won the sixth game of the season for the sixth time was due to a devastating return pass from Stenio Junior. The Brazilian was ideal for Minamino, the Japanese had no problems. 17:1 is Salzburg’s goal balance now after games in ÖFB Cup, league and European Cup.

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Social News – The Top Five Sites for 2018

You have news to share and feel that it warrants to be posted online to be read by millions of Internet users on a global scale. What do you do? You can post it to any social news website that feature stories submitted by Internet users.

Here are the top five sites that are considered currently as terrific platforms for social news postings, whether you are posting a serious topic or something quirky to put a smile on the readership’s face. Fair warning that these are just a tip of the iceberg.

I’m pretty sure that you have your own choice when it comes to social news websites.










A website that collects stories on a global scale. It aims to provide you with the latest and most interesting stories that targets audiences interested in viral Internet issues, science, and even trending political issues. Its ease of use makes it the current number one social news website.







A website that offers the newest and most popular news on the Internet. It has several categories that are divided into several “subreddits” which focuses on a specific subject matter for interested users. Each subreddit community has its own webpage, users, and moderators.






Do you have a question that you want answered? Quora might just be the platform you are looking for. Basically, Quora is a question and answer website aiming to impart knowledge on a global scale. Responses are edited and organized by its user community.







If you’re looking to post weird and funny but remarkable news of the day then Fark is the way to go. As an aggregator of social news, the editors carefully choose among the thousands of daily submissions they receive from their readership.

Product Hunt





A website that offers the product enthusiasts the latest and coolest services and products with focus on hardware projects, mobile applications, technology creations, and mobile apps.

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Six Tips to Spot Fake News

Want to read the latest news? Go online to see what’s happening. Beware that not all online information is 100% true.

I’d love to help you weed out the truth from the fake by providing you with six tips on how to spot fake news.

Check the News Source

Take the time to read the about us and contact pages of the source. You can also open up a new tab to see if there are available feedback from readers.

Investigate the Author

Open a new tab on your browser to check on the author who wrote the “news”. Search results would reveal the real identity of the person plus it gives information on his or her credibility.

Read Some More

More often than not, headlines can be misleading. Remember that headlines are stated in a way to grab the reader’s attention. Take the time to read further into the article to get the complete picture of the story that is being told.

Too Good to be True

If you’ll notice, stories that seem to good to be true are the ones that get posted and shared on social networking sites often. The author’s intent, in such cases, would be to attract readers to his or her website. After reading the “news”, ask yourself if the information you just read is credible or believable.

Date Check

Is the news fairly recent or is it just a repost of something that happened in the past? One way to check would be to search for the same article, maybe not word per word, but at least the main idea of the story. You’ll be surprised at the results you’ll get if it is a repost.

Very Peculiar Domain

Again, the name of the game is to attract visitors to their website, so they can get sneaky where you least expect it. Check the URL to see if it is a legit website. Some fake news websites tend to use the same URL as that of legit news websites but with a slight difference such as an omission of one or two letters.

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Five Social Networking Sites to Consider for 2018

Humans are social creatures, and this is proven by the number of social networking sites that have cropped up over a number of years. Although Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are leading the game, there are a number of social networking sites that are fast making their mark. Make no mistake, they have been around for several years but are recently becoming popular due to the demand for a different social networking site.

Here are five social networking sites that are becoming popular among internet users.


Launched in June 11, 2011, Google+ is a social networking site owned and managed by Google. The ability to share messages, videos, photos, links, and more has helped increase its popularity. The video call or conferencing support via Hangouts is another plus. Currently has about 300 million users.


Officially released in March 2011, Line is a social networking site owned and managed by Line Corp, a Japanese division of Naver Corporation (a South Korean internet service company). Currently has about 215 million users per month.


A multimedia app for chat messaging with a global reach, Snapchat was released in September 2011. You can take a photo and edit it using the in-app artwork. Another great feature is the special effects and ability to create and personalize an emoji. It currently has about 200 million users.


Unlike other social networking sites, LinkedIn is focused on professional social networking. It was released in May 5, 2003 and is globally used by professionals. It is considered as the perfect platform to locate jobs, hire potential candidates, and connect with other businesses and colleagues. With about 400 million members, it currently has about 100 million users per month.


Launched in October 31, 2006, ReverbNation is a social networking platform that caters to musicians allowing them to initially manage their careers while giving them access to the music industry and potential fan base. It offers information on available opportunities such as, but not limited to, live performances, licensing, record label, and professional services. It has about 3 million users.

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