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Just like social networking, one of the best ways to get customers to know your product or company would be via online advertising.

At CMUDC, advertisements are very welcome! We have a variety of ad sizes available that can match your advertisement needs. Please read on to view our available display ad sizes and slots including their current cost. Take note that even though these are quoted on a monthly basis, I accept long-term bookings.

728 x 90 – Leader Board or Super Banner Ad – $1500 per month
468 x 60 – Banner Ad – $800 per month
120 x 600 – Skyscraper Ad – $1000 per month
160 x 600 – Wide or Super Skyscraper Ad – $1300 per month
In-Text Ad – $500 per month
125 x 125 – Button Ad – $500 per month
300 x 50 – Banner Ad for Mobile – $1000 per month
320 x 50 – Leader Board Ad for Mobile – $1500 per month

If your desired ad size is booked, send me an email to check if you can pre-book the slot for upcoming months.

CMUDC also accepts custom-made ads for businesses who wish to run a marketing media campaign or just want to be creative. Contact me and let’s talk how we can both benefit from this endeavor.