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Six Tips to Spot Fake News

Want to read the latest news? Go online to see what’s happening. Beware that not all online information is 100% true.

I’d love to help you weed out the truth from the fake by providing you with six tips on how to spot fake news.

Check the News Source

Take the time to read the about us and contact pages of the source. You can also open up a new tab to see if there are available feedback from readers.

Investigate the Author

Open a new tab on your browser to check on the author who wrote the “news”. Search results would reveal the real identity of the person plus it gives information on his or her credibility.

Read Some More

More often than not, headlines can be misleading. Remember that headlines are stated in a way to grab the reader’s attention. Take the time to read further into the article to get the complete picture of the story that is being told.

Too Good to be True

If you’ll notice, stories that seem to good to be true are the ones that get posted and shared on social networking sites often. The author’s intent, in such cases, would be to attract readers to his or her website. After reading the “news”, ask yourself if the information you just read is credible or believable.

Date Check

Is the news fairly recent or is it just a repost of something that happened in the past? One way to check would be to search for the same article, maybe not word per word, but at least the main idea of the story. You’ll be surprised at the results you’ll get if it is a repost.

Very Peculiar Domain

Again, the name of the game is to attract visitors to their website, so they can get sneaky where you least expect it. Check the URL to see if it is a legit website. Some fake news websites tend to use the same URL as that of legit news websites but with a slight difference such as an omission of one or two letters.

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