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Five Social Networking Sites to Consider for 2018

Humans are social creatures, and this is proven by the number of social networking sites that have cropped up over a number of years. Although Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are leading the game, there are a number of social networking sites that are fast making their mark. Make no mistake, they have been around for several years but are recently becoming popular due to the demand for a different social networking site.

Here are five social networking sites that are becoming popular among internet users.


Launched in June 11, 2011, Google+ is a social networking site owned and managed by Google. The ability to share messages, videos, photos, links, and more has helped increase its popularity. The video call or conferencing support via Hangouts is another plus. Currently has about 300 million users.


Officially released in March 2011, Line is a social networking site owned and managed by Line Corp, a Japanese division of Naver Corporation (a South Korean internet service company). Currently has about 215 million users per month.


A multimedia app for chat messaging with a global reach, Snapchat was released in September 2011. You can take a photo and edit it using the in-app artwork. Another great feature is the special effects and ability to create and personalize an emoji. It currently has about 200 million users.


Unlike other social networking sites, LinkedIn is focused on professional social networking. It was released in May 5, 2003 and is globally used by professionals. It is considered as the perfect platform to locate jobs, hire potential candidates, and connect with other businesses and colleagues. With about 400 million members, it currently has about 100 million users per month.


Launched in October 31, 2006, ReverbNation is a social networking platform that caters to musicians allowing them to initially manage their careers while giving them access to the music industry and potential fan base. It offers information on available opportunities such as, but not limited to, live performances, licensing, record label, and professional services. It has about 3 million users.

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