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Social News – The Top Five Sites for 2018

You have news to share and feel that it warrants to be posted online to be read by millions of Internet users on a global scale. What do you do? You can post it to any social news website that feature stories submitted by Internet users.

Here are the top five sites that are considered currently as terrific platforms for social news postings, whether you are posting a serious topic or something quirky to put a smile on the readership’s face. Fair warning that these are just a tip of the iceberg.

I’m pretty sure that you have your own choice when it comes to social news websites.










A website that collects stories on a global scale. It aims to provide you with the latest and most interesting stories that targets audiences interested in viral Internet issues, science, and even trending political issues. Its ease of use makes it the current number one social news website.







A website that offers the newest and most popular news on the Internet. It has several categories that are divided into several “subreddits” which focuses on a specific subject matter for interested users. Each subreddit community has its own webpage, users, and moderators.






Do you have a question that you want answered? Quora might just be the platform you are looking for. Basically, Quora is a question and answer website aiming to impart knowledge on a global scale. Responses are edited and organized by its user community.







If you’re looking to post weird and funny but remarkable news of the day then Fark is the way to go. As an aggregator of social news, the editors carefully choose among the thousands of daily submissions they receive from their readership.

Product Hunt





A website that offers the product enthusiasts the latest and coolest services and products with focus on hardware projects, mobile applications, technology creations, and mobile apps.

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